Cardi B hopes her victory in defamation lawsuit causes society to address “false content” on social media

Written by on January 26, 2022


After being awarded $4 million in her defamation lawsuit against YouTube blogger Tasha KCardi B hopes her victory will help bring an end to lies about celebrities on social media.

After a jury ordered the blogger, born Tasha Kebe, to pay $1.25 million on Monday to Cardi for posting false rumors, $1.5 million more in punitive damages was added Tuesday. Plus, she was ordered to pay the “I Like It” rapper’s $1.3 million legal bill.

The Grammy winner accused Kebe of making false claims that she was a prostitute, had contracted herpes, used drugs, and performed a sex act with a beer bottle, among other accusations.

In responding to the verdict, Cardi said in a statement to People, “We can no longer be a society that turns a blind eye to blatant lies. The unchecked behavior and provably false content on platforms like YouTube have to be addressed and removed.”

“The constant harassment and lies that are reported as factual from journalists and bloggers have to end.” She added, “We’ve also seen countless stories of children and adults deciding to take their own lives due to cyberbullying and intentional attacks.”

During the trial, the Hustlers star testified that Kebe’s remarks caused her to be “extremely suicidal.”

Cardi said in her statement that fans have “learned about the darkest time in my life,” writing that it was “fueled by the vile, disgusting, and completely false narratives that were repeatedly and relentlessly being shared online.”

“I thought I would never be heard or vindicated and I felt completely helpless and vulnerable,” Cardi continued.

The 29-year-old entertainer shared that she didn’t want “justice” solely for herself, noting that “the intentional harm that was done to me, is done to countless others every day.”

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