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Source: MoMo Productions / Getty With systemic racial injustices and Black Lives Matter still on the mind of many Americans, companies have been experiencing a lot of firsts. Whether that be hiring a company’s first Black leader like Harper’s Bazaar, ABC naming it’s first Black Bachelor, or Band-Aids finally creating bandages that match Black and […]

After a growing demand on social media, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has reopened an investigation into a mysterious 2018 death of a black mom at a slumber party. As previously reported Tamla Horsford’s death was ruled accidental after she allegedly fell off a deck during a “football moms” slumber party. The mom of five […]

Source: Alexander Tamargo / Getty Welp! The backlash is real. This week several NBCUniversal networks put out Black Lives Matter statements. Here’s one from E! Entertainment that reads: E! STANDS IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE BLACK COMMUNITY AGAINST SYSTEMIC RACISM AND OPPRESSION EXPERIENCED EVERY DAY IN AMERICA. WE OWE IT TO OUR BLACK STAFF, TALENT, PRODUCTION […]

Source: Marc Piasecki / Getty Kylie Jenner is about to get some comp from her brother in law. Reportedly, Kanye West is prepping to launch a Yeezy line of cosmetics. We got nothing. But according to TMZ: According to new legal docs, Kanye’s company recently filed for a “Yeezy” trademark to cover a plethora of […]

What…is….going….on?! Source: Bryan Bedder/WireImage / Getty After already being blasted for saying that she’d never date a man with a 9 to 5, comedienne B. Simone is back trending on social media. The “Wild N’Out” star/author was called out over the weekend by Boss Girl Bloggers via Twitter. The woman posted a pic of her […]

Source: Screenshot / Jay Pharoah Jay Pharoah found fame as a former cast member of SNL and has parlayed that notoriety into a booming acting career, but even that didn’t shield him from the cruel reality of racism in America. In a new short film, the actor and comedian detailed how he came close to […]

Source: Mindy Small / Film Magic At the end of May, we reported that R&B diva Faith Evans was arrested for domestic violence outside of her Los Angeles area home. The details would reveal that the person she assaulted was her husband Stevie J. Police were called to the house and upon arriving, noticed visible […]

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty People all around the world are protesting against police brutality, and in response, the police are unjustly killing MORE Black men and women. On top of the protests that were already happening every day following the murder of George Floyd, more demonstrations erupted in Atlanta this weekend following the fatal […]

Source: Taechit Taechamanodom / Getty The coronavirus has ruined almost everything you were probably looking forward to this year. COVID-19 has gotten in the way of everything from live sports and concerts to movies, gyms, and vacations. Even now, some states still haven’t fully opened up and a lot of business are still unclear on whether or […]

Source: Kevin Winter / Getty Over the past few months, a lot of the entertainment industry has become obsolete as we sit quarantined in our houses, unable to do things we once cherished like attend concerts or other large gatherings. Luckily, some other avenues have thrived during this time of nowhere to go and nothing […]

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