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The internet is coming up with all the memes after Kim Kardashian’s birthday message, which may have been meant to be innocent, totally missed the mark regarding what really is going on in the real world. Lore’l has those details plus we now know when we’re getting the next Drake album! Are you excited for […]

A woman injured in a police shooting in suburban Chicago says she begged officers to help her boyfriend, who was also shot and eventually died. Tafara Williams, 20, spoke to reporters during a Zoom call from her hospital bed as she described the Oct. 20 shooting in Waukegan that killed 19-year-old Marcellis Stinnette. “They allowed […]

Who’s Cappin is all about who is lying, who is spinning us, and former Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Moniece Slaughters comments about dating Shaq say a lot! Even though Lore’l understands, she still has to call cap on Moniece when she said, “He himself is huge, right? And I’m 5’2″. He’s 7’1″, so […]

As Busta Rhymes gears up for his first album in eight years, ‘Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God’, which drops on Friday, he joined The Morning Hustle to discuss the project & so much more. Besides the album, he talks ageism in hip-hop when it comes to the response of T.I., why he’s […]

People are confused that Lil’ Wayne dropped a photo with Donald Trump saying that they had a conversation to help the culture. MC Lyte weighs in on Lil’ Wayne’s photo-op with Trump, the impact celebs can have on an election, and why it’s so vital to get out and vote.  See more exclusives at * […]

Catch up with everything you missed in The Lo Down with Lore’l! From Ice Cube responding to ‘SNL’, Lil Wayne may be single and not the only celeb to endorse Trump, and T.I. & Dave Chappelle debate wearing masks in Atlanta! See more exclusives at * Listen Live: * Twitter: * Instagram: * Facebook: #TheMorningHustle […]

@billysorrells gets an A for effort when he and his sister bought his daughter some goldfish over Halloween weekend. Unfortunately, this happened an hour after they got home! See more exclusives at * Listen Live: * Twitter: * Instagram: * Facebook: #TheMorningHustle source

Lore’l breaks out the facts & historical data today to explain to you why we all need to get out and vote! If you voted already, tell a friend, or grab a family member and bring them to the polls! Whether you vote for yourself, community, or ancestors, this election locally and nationally is so […]

Reverend Al Sharpton checked in with The Morning Hustle and says these are the most important things we need to know on #ElectionDay‼️ Make sure you get out and let your voice be heard 🗣 See more at and wake up with us tomorrow morning to discuss everything we learn from today! See more […]

It looks like Lil Wayne lost more than just some fans after his endorsement of Trump. It looks like his fiancé is now calling things off! The Morning Hustle and our callers talk about how this election has impacted the way they look at friends and how peoples political affiliations are still mind blowing. Have […]

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