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"Never arrive, because we're always becoming"

Foxie 103 Jamz welcomes Vicky James, veteran on air and programming talent bringing nearly two decades in the media business experience making stops in South Carolina, Georgia and Ohio.
Vicky’s warm-fun loving personality creates an instantly and constant connection with the CSRA listeners as she is a native of Aiken , South Carolina . VJ is already making an imprint in the community as she begins her stint at Foxie, which is the station that she got her start in high school!

Vicky’s Favs:

FAV FOOD: Pizza ( specifically Pacific Hawaiian Veggie :-)

FAV SHOW: Young & The Restless

FAV MOVIE:… The Hopeless Romantic in me... ‘The Notebook”  but if I want to laugh it’s “Coming to America ”

FAV COCKTAIL: Tequila Sunrise


Vicky's Words to live by… “Never arrive, because we're always becoming”

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