Once again, Lore’l had to give President Donald Trump ‘Who’s Cappin’ this morning on @The Morning Hustle after reports surfaced saying he’s spoken with advisers whether to grant pre-emptive pardons to his children, to his son-in-law and to his personal lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani. Can January 20th get here fast enough?! See more exclusives at […]

Lore’l came through with a message this morning on @The Morning Hustle after Mo’Nique appeared on Tamar Braxton’s “Under Construction” podcast where she talked about all things related to love and marriage and explained why she calls her husband “Daddy”. We need you to weigh in on this topic & let us know your thoughts […]

Lore’l had to call CAP on Lil Pump this morning after reports surfaced that the rapper didn’t even vote in the election. This is after he very publicily endorsed the Trump campaign, even joining the president at a rally. Maybe he didn’t vote because he was introduced as Lil Pimp, not Pump. Who knows, but […]

Lore’l had to call cap this morning on the one and only Kevin Hart after his former friend out came out with some major allegations and claims about the comedian. It seems Kevin still can’t get away from the headlines of his 2017 cheating scandal. Who do you believe, Kevin or his friend? See more […]

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner said Monday that in order for the president’s policies to be most effective, Black Americans must want to succeed. After these recent comments, Lore’l had to not only go in on Jared Kushner, but hopefully teach him a few things about the real world. Let us know each week […]

This mornings #WhosCappin had a much more serious message on The Morning Hustle as Lore’l discussed people being concerned about former Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Brandi Boyd after she took to Instagram Live and shared audio of what sounded like a domestic dispute with her husband. We thank Lore’l & our listeners who’ve […]

Lore’l is calling CAP on the Joe Exotic, his limo, and thinking he was actually getting pardoned from Donald Trump! See more exclusives at * Listen Live: * Twitter: * Instagram: * Facebook: #TheMorningHustle source

Storms U.S. Capitol, gets granted organic food diet considerations in jail…. *Cues Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”* Catch up with what you missed from Lore’l and Who’s Cappin on @The Morning Hustle! See more exclusives at * Listen Live: * Twitter: * Instagram: * Facebook: #TheMorningHustle source

We know a story like this gets sneaker heads like Lore’l BIG MAD. That’s why she’s calling CAP on Ann Hebert & her son! Ann was Nike’s VP and general manager for its North America division, who resigned following reports that she was linked to her son’s sneaker resale business. It’s being reported her son […]

It’s pretty clear to see what’s going on over at ‘The Bachelor’. Hence why Lore’l is calling CAP on the entire franchise & host Chris Harrison after his decision to step aside after failing to condemn current contestant Rachael Kirkconnell’s past racist behavior… Listen to the full breakdown & let us know your thoughts ⬇️ […]

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