The 10 stragest 911 calls Sask. RCMP received in 2021

Written by on January 14, 2022

The RCMP is used to responding to calls for serious and potentially dangerous situations, but some Saskatchewan residents that called 911 last year strayed away from the standard definition of an emergency.

The Saskatchewan RCMP released its annual list of the strangest calls it received in 2021, including someone who lost a cell phone and a grandparent who could not get their grandchild to fall asleep.

Here are the RCMP’s top ten calls that “missed the mark”:

1. A concerned person decided 911 would be the best course of action for a laptop that had suddenly stopped working. The caller asked if an RCMP officer would be able to come fix the issue.

2. 911 received a call from a person who claimed someone had “stolen their heart.” The person’s concern was later determined to be nothing more than a romantic gesture.

3. A person out fishing called 911 after finding a shopping cart in the water, they wanted RCMP to return the cart to the store it came from.

4. A grandparent became frustrated when they could not get their grandchild to go to bed, and decided to call 911 asking for an RCMP officer to come convince the child to go to sleep.

5. After noticing two cats hanging around their home, a person called 911 to report what they claimed was “suspicious activity” in their neighborhood.

6. After a round of golf someone noticed they lost their cell phone on the course somewhere and called 911 requesting RCMP head to the course and attempt to find.

7. A “hangry” individual dialed 911 after having technical difficulties on a debit machine, while trying to buy lunch at a restaurant one day.

8. A concerned puppy parent called 911 after realizing their dog had eaten their cannabis edibles. RCMP said while this could be considered an emergency, it would have been best for the person to call their vet or an emergency animal medical centre.

9. A 9-1-1 caller wanted RCMP to know they had a much nicer detention area than the caller’s local police station.

10. A person called 9-1-1 wanting to know what day it was. Dispatchers said they understand losing track of time is easy to do, but want everyone to know it would not be an appropriate question to call 911 for.

Last year Saskatchewan RCMP’s Divisional Operational Communications Centre, (DOCC) received a total of 350,667 calls, which was up 8.5 per cent from 2020. That total includes misdials, false alarms and legitimate calls for service.

RCMP want people to remember 911 is reserved for emergencies only.

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