Bills banned one NFL team from trying to make a trade for Stefon Diggs, per report

Written by on April 5, 2024

When the Buffalo Bills decided to put Stefon Diggs on the trade market, they were willing to make a deal with almost anyone, but there is one team in the NFL that they refused to make a trade with: The Kansas City Chiefs

According to former NFL quarterback Chris Simms, Diggs was allowed to seek a trade with literally any team EXCEPT for the Chiefs. 

“From what I do know, he was allowed to seek a trade from anybody in the league, except the Kansas City Chiefs,” Simms said on “PFT Live” Thursday. “That’s what I’ve been told by multiple people. He was allowed to do that. The Chiefs were the only team they weren’t going to trade [to].”

That one fact alone tells you everything you need to know about the rivalry between Buffalo and Kansas City. The Bills have played the Chiefs in the postseason three times since 2020 and lost all three games. 

The Bills clearly have no interest in helping the Chiefs, which is likely why they decided that Kansas City was the one spot they weren’t going to send Diggs under any circumstance. It’s not clear if the Chiefs even tried to contact Buffalo about a possible deal, but if they did, it sounds like the Bills didn’t even answer the phone.

In the end, the Bills ended up making a deal with Houston in a trade that sent shockwaves through the NFL. To make the trade happen, the Texans sent a 2025 second-round pick to Buffalo. In return, the Bills sent Diggs and two draft picks (a 2024 sixth-rounder and a 2025 fifth-rounder) to Houston. 

The Texans made the playoffs in 2023 and feel like a legit Super Bowl contender for 2024, which proves that the Bills were willing to help an AFC Super Bowl contender as long as the contender wasn’t the Chiefs. 

Not only did the Bills trade Diggs to a contender, but they’re also taking a $31 million dead cap hit on his contract, which tells you how desperate they were to get rid of him. 

As for Diggs, although the Bills refused to even consider the option of trading him to Kansas City, he could still end up there in 2025. The Texans new receiver signed a revised contract on Thursday that will void the final three years of his deal, which means he’ll be a free agent following the 2024 season. If Diggs wants to sign with the Chiefs, he could do it as soon as next March. 

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