Cardi B shares ups and downs of her marriage to Offset

Written by on May 16, 2024

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Are they together, separated, divorced or rekindling? That’s the question most have when it comes to Offset and his wife, Cardi B, who has spoken about the ups and downs of their complicated relationship in a cover story for Rolling Stone.

Cardi’s nearly seven-year marriage has had some hard times, including infidelity, which she seems to partly believe is a result of her placement of priorities.

“​​We have our own bad stuff. We’re from two different worlds,” she said. “Sometimes I cannot be … not that I cannot be a wife. It’s just like, my career takes my life. You know what I’m saying? My career comes first, then my kids come second. And then sometimes I don’t realize that I’m putting so many things before my relationship.”

“I remember last year when we was going through our hard time. And it’s like, ‘Put your album out. You’re overstressing. When was the last time we went on a vacation?’” she recalled Offset saying. “And it’s like, ‘I don’t got time to go on a vacation, because this comes first.’ This comes first, and then my kids come second. The little things I have to take care of then comes.”

Despite the challenges they may face, Cardi loves that she and Offset “really like each other, like a support system.”

“We’re really both each other’s cheerleader,” she continued. She’d told fans in December that she was single, but now says she and Offset “are all right” and will think things through “because we do love each other.”

“It’s not even about love,” Cardi added. “We’re best friends. … It’s not even about ‘How do you leave a partner?’ How do you stop talking to your best friend?”

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